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A Genuine Icelandic Sheepskin Rug - Colour Chestnut

  • Luscious, long-haired silky sheepskin rug.
  • Gorgeous warm colour with various tones of rusty browns and golden highlights that catch the light!
  • Large size - 120cm approx. 
  • As this is a natural product, variations will occur.
  • This hard wearing versatile sheepskin in its stunning traditional natural colour makes it perfect for any room of the home!

Icelandic Sheepskin - Chestnut

  • General care includes :-

    Avoiding direct heat and sunlight.

    Use only a damp sponge to clean sheepskin if any spillages occur. Do not overwet the skin as it may have an adverse effect on the texture and smell of the sheepskin.

    Brushing the sheepskin regularly with a sheepskin brush or similar (such as a tangle teaser brush) will keep the hair smoother and tug free, it will also help to prevent matting that may occur if it is in high use.

    For any further information get in touch with us so we can help!

    An extra set of the full care instructions will be included in your order.

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