A handmade & fully upholstered highland cow footstool with a handmade wooden body, oak wooden legs, covered with a full Steel/GREY coloured genuine Icelandic sheepskin, adjustable tweed horns and a solid-wood; handfinished snout.***ALL FOOTSTOOLS CAN BE VERY VARIED AND YOU MAY RECEIVE A SUBSTANTIALLY UNIQUE SKIN COMPARED TO THE COLOUR OF SKIN IN THE PRODUCT PICTURES.******PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL FOOTSTOOLS PHOTOGRAPH DIFFERENTLY AND MAY NOT LOOK IDENTICALLY THE SAME AS THEY DO IN ANY PICTURES******YOU WILL RECEIVE A FOOTSTOOL SIMILAR TO THIS IT MAY NOT BE THIS EXACT ONE.***

Highland Cow Footstool - Steel/Grey

  • Hi! I'm a Highland Cow Footstool born in the Highlands of Scotland and I'd love to come live with you! I promise I won't make a mess around your home, I definitely won't bite and I might even let you use me to rest your feet on..My coat is a genuine Icelandic sheepskin and it's so soft, so please try not to get my hair wet, cause it gets all tuggy and my hair looks and smells a lot better when its dry! As much as I love to lie in the sun and get a tan (just kidding, the sun doesn't exist in Scotland) I do have to be kept out of sunshine as I might go a funny colour... Ew, that wouldn't look good on me! Please take care when you move me around as although I am sturdy some of me is soft and may tear, just be careful! I'm fully house trained and I'm used to being complemented for my good looks. What's not to love about me really?!

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