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Highland Bull Footstool with nose ring in colour Buff. 

This neutral colour with soft taupe highlights is perfectly versatile and will add a perfect touch of texture to any on-trend home.

The traditional element and modern concept of this footstool means it can slide right into any home decor and level up your interior game.

Not to mention the guaranteed talking point it will create! And we havent even mentioned the most obvious part yet... it makes for THE most perfectly soft and fluffy footstool which will make each and every one of your toes happy!


Highland Bull Footstool - 'Buff'

    • Genuine Icelandic Sheepskin
    • Colour - 'Buff' (A light grey/taupe/neutral shade)
    • Handmade & fully upholstered with durable materials
    • Ultimate comfort with the added luxury foam layer
    • Bendable tweed horns
    • Solid wooden legs
    • Solid-wood handfinished snout with a removable nose ring
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