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Hello! Thanks for visiting our website!

Here's a wee bit about our business and who we are :

Myself, Eireann, and my mammy, Christine, started our little venture in 2013 making and creating anything that came to mind; usually textiles and garments. When a fussy family birthday rolled around, it wasn't long until mum conjured up the idea that was 'the first Highland Cow Footstool!' Now, nearly 10 years later, our footstools are still the heart of our little business and what we love to make every single day! Each time a footstool is completed, and I pop the tags on its bottom - we all do a little happy dance - unless it's raining. We are delighted to now be stocking many shops worldwide!


We are so lucky to have such supportive family and friends who helped build our business and push us when things got tough. I count myself extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with my bestie day in and day out, luckily we don't fall out very often!

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The wee team has grown a little bit over the years, but our ethos still remains. We ensure to keep our products of a high quality standard, handmade by our team with extreme care and detail. We still make mistakes like falling asleep when answering emails or not noticing the toddler answer the business phone (or is that just me..?) so please do keep that in mind when your footstool hasn't arrived 12 hours after checkout lol.

It is also very important to us to use beautiful quality materials sourced from fellow independent businesses, or we produce them in-house wherever possible. Unfortunately this can mean our products are not always readily in-stock and requires our prices to be higher than large manufacturing companies. ​We hope that as time goes on, this will be something that can be fully appreciated as our product is bespoke, handmade and genuine. 

The Tweed Yourself Team



- Mum-Boss -

Our lil ray of sunshine


- Sewing Supreme-

Diet coke is her fuel


- Human Calculator -

Really likes 'The Killers'



- Thinks he's the boss -

Dresses like a Victorian

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- Workshop Weirdo - Likes chickens & cake

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- Wingin' it -

Big fan of dogs

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